Feelings, hopes and plans

I always wanted come to U.S., visiting, meeting new people, culture, language and here I am!
I am not good with the words, but I`ll try to explain and write what I feel and happen.
And I already felt this feeling, when I get my fist big trip in Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre. What I wanna to say is, I went to different places, meet different people,etc.. So the feeling to discovering a new place is here again, however I am discovering a new world, totally different, my mind is gowning up, expanding and new people, new places, new culture, mainly, is changing, I mean, evolving my thoughts, way to think and see the world.
In the moment I think I get many feelings in different times and in the same time all together, because this is new, is good, is fantastic!
I was not believing that I was,really, coming here! And in Brazil I just not faced what was happening, because I just realized all when I arrived at Bloomington-Normal.
Even I have been in Atlanta, I could not believe that this could be true! Because sounds like an awesome thing! I could never been here if in the past I got chosen another things, but the choices that I had in my way brought me here.
Sincerely, I don`t know what I hope, because everything here is better than I thought or imagined. The people and contact are being nice, the culture and another thing to look the things makes me to thing that it all works very well like jobs, studies, law, services (health, education, life, housing, etc).
With my goals my plans walks side by side. First I am going to finish this semester I am expect to be the best student of class or one of those, because I ave to do my best, not only here, but everywhere every time! And my target it is to take awesome classes in the next semester, like android, Java mobile and Math. Doing this i hope to improve my skills in English`s language and to learn new things in I.T. or programing area.
After all this, I think, I am going to Brazil, finish my College,  get a good job where I like to do like programing or something like that.
Stay working in Brazil while, and would like to return to U.S. and study again, but take a Master Degree or even, who knows, a PHD.
Once in the college in Brazil, some friends and me tried to open a business, but in Brazil it is so hard and expensive do that and the idea just was kept in the mind! But get a pretty good job or open my own business is my main goal in the next near future.


About renatopuccini
Android Developer. Passion for what I do!

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