to start Apache at Ubuntu

Always when I turn on pc pc, boot in ubuntu 10.04 all of services that I need and I use are loaded automatically…

So, some day ago this could not happen anymore… better, this it was not working anymore…

I use often apache server service to my web applications … and one day it was not working..

I will show you what I did …

I opened the Terminal and typed:


its show to you all proccess are running in yout machine and its features like pid, time, name, etc..

I did not see the apache there..

I just looked for apache and started it:

from there the apache server service start to work at your pc…

if you are using windows you hace probally xamp, amp or whatever you need to set up and do that every time you want to use it.. or set up to start when you pc is turning on….

On Ubuntu it starts automatically … so, if you miss apache in yout pc, try this…


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